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Comparative analysis of dry-hopping with hop extracts versus hop pellets
Outhwaite, B., Symes, A., Mills, D.

This study investigated the use of hop extracts as a viable alternative to traditional T90 hop pellets in the brewing process of American-style pale ales. Dry hopping with hop extracts presents a potential solution to challenges associated with beer losses due to hop matter absorption, particularly as craft brewers increasingly employ larger hop bills. The objective was to assess the feasibility of hop extracts in maintaining the physical and sensorial integrity of the final product while potentially reducing beer losses and increasing overall brewing efficiency. This comprehensive analysis revealed that beers brewed with hop extracts exhibited physical attributes, such as bittering, beer volatile composition, and accelerated ageing behaviour, similar to those utilizing T90 pellets. Sensorial data exhibited strong similarities, with dominant stone fruit aromas and a complex flavour profile which included citrus, fruity, floral, spicy and grassy characteristics. Furthermore, the usage of fully soluble hop extracts in lieu of hop pellets increased beer yield by 10.19 2.25 %, by removing the requirement for dry-hop matter removal. The similarities observed between the two dry hop additions demonstrated the potential utilization of hop extracts as a substitute or complementary ingredient for brewers crafting hop-heavy beers. In conclusion, this study demonstrated the application of hop extracts in creating more efficient, hop-forward beers. Hop additions with hop extracts have the potential to create high quality beers, stability under aged conditions, and continuity of brews resulting in process optimization, increased efficiency and enhanced profitability.

Descriptors: hops, hop extracts, efficiency, stability, dry hop

BrewingScience, 76 (November/December 2023), pp. 159-166