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Development of a bacterial biocontrol process applicable in the barley-malt-beer industry
E. Gnonlonfoun, X. Framboisier, M. Fick, E. Rondags, G. Fotin, S. Schwebel, M. Schmitt

Pathogenic fungi represent a generic problem for cereals as they can produce a variety of toxic secondary metabolites such as mycotoxins that represent a significant concern for the malting and brewing industries, and may affect the quality and safety of barley, malt, and beer. Besides, this situation is worsening due to the highly variable climatic conditions that favor pathogenic fungi development and the societal desire to reduce the use of phytosanitary products, including fungicides. In this context, this communication describes the development of an innovative biocontrol process applicable in malting facilities, that would contribute to guaranteeing a better hygienic and technological quality of malt, despite the increasingly complex and variable conditions for barley production.

Best papers / best posters of the 38 EBC congress in Madrid