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Blending of hard seltzer and other flavor intensive beverages inline vs. batch - with a focus to the flavor-losses
R. Feilner, S. Höller, T. Kunz and H. Scheuren

Batch vs. continuous - an often and widely discussed topic. Economic comparisons are the basis for decision-making for the optimal selection of the process or the consideration of investing in the development of continuous processes. In addition to the economic background, the process time, the ability to automate, the cleaning effort, the product losses and the maintenance effort - for the producers of flavor intensive products, the quality and the influence of the process on the product are in the foreground. This publication is intended to show the extent to which a batch process for mixing Hard Seltzer and other flavor-induced beverages with the batch-vessels in use for this purpose changes the products regarding their characteristic flavors. To be able to sufficiently verify this in addition to the theoretical models, the dependencies of the relative volatilities that have been developed in this context are included and presented.

Descriptors: volatility, hard seltzer, evaporation, flavor, activity coefficient, infinite dilution

BrewingScience, 74 (September/October 2021), pp. 134-140