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Volume 73 - Number 7/8 (2020)

Kinetic studies of L-ascorbic acid degradation in fruit juices for the improvement of pasteurization plants. L. Katsch, F.-J. Methner and J. Schneider. BrewingScience, 73 (July/August 2020), pp. 85-94. view abstract | view article

Chemical characterization of the two major hop varieties produced in Patagonia (Argentina) for the brewing industry. A. Trochine, S.B. Gonzlez, J.A. Burini, L. Cavallini, B. Gastaldi, G. Reiner, F.M. Silva Sofrs, C.M. van Baren, P. Di Leo Lira, D. Retta, A.L. Bandoni and D. Libkind. BrewingScience, 73 (July/August 2020), pp. 95-102. view abstract | view article