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Use and applications of solar heat in the malting and brewing industry - A review
M. Hauner, K. Eichhorn, S. Vearasilp, S. Thanapornpoonpong and V. Changrue

In this review paper an overview of the studies and projects is given for the malting industry and selected projects for the brewery industry in connection to the use of solar heat. Even during the historical times green malt was dried with the sun and open fire, just since 40 years solar heat is investigated in the industrial malt production of with solar collectors. In order to keep pace with this emerging and fast growing sector for renewable energy applications, it is necessary to get in depth knowledge about the overall potential in the brewing and malting industry and where solar process heat is currently in use. Energy savings of up to 100 % in malt kilning have been achieved in the various studies, leading to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions with the use of solar collectors. But the breakthrough and acceptance in the industry have not yet been achieved.

Descriptors: solar, heat, kiln, malting, brewing, review

BrewingScience, 73 (January/February 2020), pp. 6-17