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Brewers yeast research a keynote paper part 2
G.G. Stewart

Following a general review of current developments in brewer?s yeast species and strains in Part 1, Part 2 considers more specific aspects. Flocculation, centrifugation, genetic manipulation and spontaneous mutation aspects of a broad spectrum of brewer?s yeast strains are reviewed in detail. In particular, the complexities of a flocculation phenomenon as they are affected by genetic, physiological and environmental factors (nature-nurture effects) are considered. The prevalent hypothesis, the lectin-like theory of flocculation, is discussed in detail together with the genes that control this phenomenon.

Descriptors: centrifugation, flocculation, genetic manipulation, lectins, mitochondria, respiratory deficiency, spontaneous mutation

BrewingScience, 72 (May/June 2019), pp. 94-108