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Brewers yeast research - a keynote paper - part 1 (Invited paper)
G.G. Stewart

This is the first part of a two-part article that considers the research activities associated with brewers yeast strains. Initially, this part discusses factors that have directly influenced such activity such as financing, qualified and experienced researcher availability, the advent of novel technology/instrumentation and also developments in brewing fermentation procedures. Subsequently, this part reviews specific areas such as ale/lager yeast similarities and differences, wort fermentation with an influence on the uptake and metabolism of sugars and free amino nitrogen and the production of beer flavour metabolites during fermentation (metabolomics). Finally, stress effects on yeast with an emphasis on the fermentation of high gravity wort are discussed. In the second part of this article, yeast flocculation, centrifugation, genetic manipulation and the spontaneous mutation of brewers yeast strains are considered.

Descriptors: ale/lager yeasts, beer flavour metabolites (metabolomics), brewing procedures, high gravity worts - stress effects, sugar and free amino nitrogen uptake and metabolism

BrewingScience, 72 (March/April 2019), pp. 31-49