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Humulus Lupulus: Hop Alpha-acids Isomerization A Review
B. Jaskula-Goiris, L. De Cooman and K. Goiris

This paper gives an extensive overview of the research performed in relation to hop a-acids isomerization. The objective is to present a summary on developments and findings which can serve as a background for future work regarding more efficient use of humulones and isohumulones. To this end, first, an overview of the research which has been performed in relation to the a-acids isomerization mechanism and kinetics is provided. Following, the influence of common parameters, such as temperature, pH, the concentration of humulones, metal ion catalysts, etc., on a-acids isomerization is presented. In this review, structures and mechanisms that are presented correspond to original data found in literature and were, consequently, not adapted to the newly proposed structure of a-acids and iso-a-acids (According to Urban et al. [1]).

Descriptors: hops, alpha-acids, isomerization, kinetics, iso-alpha-acids, influence of parameters, utilization

BrewingScience, 71 (November/December 2018), pp. 85-95