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Increasing Wort Flow by Flocculation of Fine Particle Fractions
P. M. Bandelt Riess, M. Kuhn, H. Briesen and P. Frst

As lautering is often considered the bottleneck of the whole brewing process, measures to accelerate this operation are desired. The effect of flocculants on the lautering performance was investigated. Several clarifying agents were analyzed in jar-tests and dosed to the mash at different concentrations. As a result, significant lautering time savings with slight effects on the wort extract were achieved. These findings might directly help breweries to improve their lautering processes and foster further research on the topic.

Descriptors: lautering, mash separation, flocculation, agglomeration, sedimentation, cake filtration

BrewingScience, 71 (July/August 2018), pp. 68-72