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In-line Haze Monitoring Using a Spectrally Resolved Back Scattering Sensor
T. Teumer, C. Capitain, J. Ross-Jones, N. Tippktter, M. Rdle, F.-J. Methner

In the present work an optical sensor in combination with a spectrally resolved detection device for in-line particle-size-monitoring for quality control in beer production is presented. The principle relies on the size and wavelength dependent backscatter of growing particles in fluids. Measured interference structures of backscattered light are compared with calculated theoretical values, based on Mie-Theory, and fitted with a linear least square method to obtain particle size distributions. For this purpose, a broadband light source in combination with a process-CCD-spectrometer (charge ? coupled device spectrometer) and process adapted fiber optics are used. The goal is the development of an easy and flexible measurement device for in-line-monitoring of particle size. The presented device can be directly installed in product fill tubes or vessels, follows CIP- (cleaning in place) and removes the need of sample taking. A proof of concept and preliminary results, measuring protein precipitation, are presented.

Descriptors: fiber optical sensor, beer quality monitoring, Mie Theory, particle size measurement, process control, haze

BrewingScience, 71 (May/June 2018), pp. 49-55