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Chance for Dry-hopped Non-alcoholic Beverages? Part 2: Health Properties and Target Consumers
M. H. Hagemann, V. Schmidt-Cotta, E. Marchioni and S. Braun

Alcohol-free beer and functional drinks are two strongly growing markets within the beverage sector. The success of alcohol-free beer and functional drinks with relaxing, stress reducing properties might be largely based on their health-beneficial properties. Additionally, exotic flavors along with a high product quality are also key value propositions of these products. In the following, the main potential health beneficial properties of alcohol-free dry-hopped beer and dry-hopped relaxation drinks will be reviewed and the main target consumer groups will be described. The concept and market prospects of dry-hopped non-alcoholic beverages have been discussed in an earlier article by the authors.

Descriptors: dry-hopping, functional drink, healthy diets

BrewingScience, 70 (July/August 2017), pp. 118-123