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Precoating Filtration with Compressible Filtering Aids featuring Viscose Fibres
J. Zacharias, R. Schneid, and R. Scholz

Viscose fibres are described as being the key to using alternative filter aids successfully for precoating filtration in beer clarification jobs. The process characterisation of the fibre attributes, in particular with regard to their adjusting permeability in the filter cake, and their adjustable porosity in accordance with the general controlled process variables of the filtration system, are described as the key factors for utilisation of these fibres. As a result, it is shown that the compressibility of this filter aid has to be integrated into the filtration strategy here. This approach is validated with illustrated filtration results, and described on the basis of a development process actually carried out.

Descriptors: beer filtration, precoat filtration, viscose fibres, alternative filter aids, compressible filter media, TFS/twin flow system

BrewingScience, 70 (July/August 2017), pp. 110-117