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Volume 70 - Number 3/4 (2017)

Modelling of ClO2-decomposition in Hot Water Systems. Zotz, M. and Glas, K. . BrewingScience, 70 (March/April 2017), pp. 51-56. view abstract | view article

Beer Spoilage Ability of Lactic Acid Bacteria is a Plasmid-Encoded Trait. Geissler, A. J., Behr, J., Schmid, J., Zehe, A. and Vogel, R. F.. BrewingScience, 70 (March/April 2017), pp. 57-73. view abstract | view article

Oxidation of Brewers Spent Grain for the Release of Fermentable Sugars by Direct Pretreatment in an Electrolysis Reactor. Broeker, T., Hoffarth, M., Oppermann, L., Wolff, V., Neubauer, P. and Schneider, J.. BrewingScience, 70 (March/April 2017), pp. 74-84. view abstract | view article

New International Calibration Standard (ICS-R3) for HPLC Analysis of Rho-iso-α-acids. - Submitted on behalf of the International Hop Standards Committee. M. Biendl (Co-Chairman EBC) and B. Foster (Co-Chairman ASBC). BrewingScience, 70 (March/April 2017), p. 85. view abstract | view article