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Reproducibility Trials in a Research Brewery and Effects on the Evaluation of Hop Substances in Beer - Part 1: Reproducibility in fresh beers
Gahr, A., Forster, A. and Van Opstaele, F.

The brewing industry, suppliers and universities have pilot breweries with different sizes and varying requirements to study technological or raw material related questions. Thereby the reproducibility of the brewing system as well as of the analytical evaluation of the samples drawn have to be payed closer attention to. This study describes the methodology and results of a reproducibility investigation on a 2hl pilot plant with particular focus on hop substances in the beers produced.

Descriptors: reproducibility of brewing trials, hop aroma substances, bitter substances, fermentation by-products, polyphenols, ageing aldehydes

BrewingScience - Monatsschrift fr Brauwissenschaft, 69 (November/December 2016), pp. 103-111