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Development of a Tasting Scheme and a New Systematic Evaluation Program for new German Breeding Lines by example of the New German varieties Callista (CI) and Ariana (AN)
Hanke, S., Schll, F., Seigner, E. and Lutz, A.

With the rise of the craft beer segment in the United States and also in Europe the demand for new hop varieties has risen very fast. For this beer segment brewers are looking for novel flavours to create individual beers. Thus, for new hop varieties beside agronomical properties the focus is on unique and distinct flavour profiles. Pursuing this objective the Hop Research Centre H?ll implemented a new stage gate process to evaluate the flavour potential of new hop breeding lines. During this evaluation process comprehensive pilot brewing trials were conducted to get an impression about the flavours imparted by the most promising breeding lines in different beer styles. This is unique in the hop breeding process worldwide. The first candidates which passed this process were the new cultivars Callista and Ariana released in April 2016. A panel of 40 beer tasters confirmed the differences in hop flavour in various fields of application for these new cultivars. While Callista creates more grapefruit, passion fruit, peach and gooseberry flavours, Ariana imparts geranium, cassis, lemon, and grapefruit into beers.

Descriptors: hop breeding, Callista, Ariana, sensory, flavor description, hop aroma, hop variety testing

BrewingScience - Monatsschrift fr Brauwissenschaft, 69 (November/December 2016), pp. 94-102