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Flash Pasteurisation of Filtrated- and Wheat Beer with one Heat Holding Tube
Feilner, R. and Oehmichen, T.

A process comparison with shortened heat-holding Flash pasteurisation of beer is an important instrument for reliable extension of shelf life. In conjunction with a suitable hygienic filler, flash pasteurisation constitutes a product-friendly alternative to tunnel or chamber pasteurisers. The haze- and taste-stabilising effect of a flash pasteuriser, on wheat beer, for example, is also gaining steadily in perceived importance. Established figures for pasteurisation units (PUs) specify the dimensions of the heat-holding sections (30 seconds) and the heat-holding temperatures (64?72 ?C). The question here arises of whether these traditional parameters ? using the analytical and technological options now available ? actually constitute the optimum. The following article shows results of a comparison 30 seconds heat holding tube and a shorter one with 6 seconds. Within the context the influence to heat-, oxygen- and aging indicators will be discussed which allows a detailed comparison between the processes and the beer quality.

Descriptors: flash pasteurizer, colloidal stability, haze stability, flavour stability, beer quality, heat-holding time

BrewingScience - Monatsschrift fr Brauwissenschaft, 69 (September/October 2016), pp. 64-72