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Varietal Difference of Hop-Derived Flavour Compounds in Late-Hopped/Dry-Hopped Beers
K. Takoi, K. Tokita, A. Sanekata, Y. Usami, Y. Itoga, K. Koie, I. Matsumoto and Y. Nakayama

Monoterpene alcohols (linalool, β-citronellol, nerol and geraniol) and their derivatives (geranyl acetate and cis-linalool oxide), β-ionone and several esters (isobutyl isobutyrate, isoamyl isobutyrate, 2-methylbutyl isobutyrate and ethyl heptanoate) were focused on as possible contributors on hop varietal aroma. We measured flavour compounds in late-hopped beers and dry-hopped beers brewed with eighteen hop varieties. On the basis of the results, we discuss the comparison of varietal profiles of hop-derived flavour compounds among eighteen hop varieties, the relationship among certain monoterpene alcohols and their derivatives and the effect of hopping procedure on the flavour profiles in beers.

Descriptors: beer, hop, varietal aroma, flavour compounds, terpenoids, esters

BrewingScience, 69 (January/February 2016), pp. 1-7