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The Behaviour of the Stereoisomers of Linalool During Beer Ageing
A. Forster, A. Gahr, R. Schmidt and A. Faltermeier

There have always been beers with a hop aroma, especially in the Pilsner sector. Linalool with its floral character is often cited as an indicator substance for the corresponding sensory impression [1?4]. The rapid development of the craft brewing scene originating in the USA, not least through the re-discovery of dry hopping, has led to the appearance of numerous hoppy beers on the market. This trend includes not only the practically mandatorily dry hopped pale ales and India pale ales, but now also pilsners, wheat beers and other beer styles.

Descriptors: Hop aroma in beer, aroma stability, linalool enantiomers, beer ageing

BrewingScience - Monatsschrift fr Brauwissenschaft, 68 (November/December 2015), pp. 146-152