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Starting hop lipidomics - Isolation and characterization of non-polar, neutral and polar hop lipids - Hop Special
N. Rettberg, S. Thrner, L.-A. Garbe

Lipids are very diverse in chemical structure and properties. They are spread over a wide polarity range, thus comprehensive lipid analysis (lipidomics) from biological samples such as hops is challenging. The current study presents a straightforward route for extraction, classification and quantification of hop lipids. Offline LC-GC-MS enables separation of polar, neutral and non-polar lipids, as well as the individual analysis of fatty acid type and content. Unambiguous identification and precise quantification of C14-C22 fatty acids was performed by use of four appropriate internal standards and GC-EI-MS analysis of fatty acid methyl esters.

Descriptors: fatty acid, lipid, gushing, hops, flavor, beer staling

BrewingScience - Monatsschrift fr Brauwissenschaft, 66 (November/December 2013), pp. 176-184