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Sensory descriptive analysis and consumer acceptance of non-alcoholic beer
Schmelzle, A., Lindemann, B. and Methner, F.-J.

The purpose of this research on non-alcoholic beer was to identify the most important acceptance-causing sensory attributes for this product category. Sensory descriptive analysis was conducted on five non-alcoholic beers produced by ethanol removal and seven non-alcoholic beers produced by limiting alcohol formation or hybrid methods. Acceptance tests measured the popularity of nine samples, which were chosen for their sensory properties. The data of the descriptive analysis were combined with consumer test results and significant sensory attributes that are responsible for acceptance were detected. Subsequently, split analyses were carried out based on gender, age, consumption volume, consumers' motives and sensory expectations.

Descriptors: non-alcoholic beer, dealcoholized beer, alcohol-free beer, sensory descriptive analysis, acceptance testing, methional

BrewingScience - Monatsschrift fr Brauwissenschaft, 66 (September/October 2013), pp. 144-153