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Impact of Fermentable and Non-Fermentable Carbohydrates on the Sweetness, Improvement of Palate Fullness and SO2-Content in Beer
T. Kunz, Ch. Reinhardt, L. Eon-Jeong, T. Drr, A. Radowski and F.-J. Methner

Carbohydrates are involved in many reaction mechanisms during the brewing process, such as formation of Strecker degradation products, Maillard-reaction, oxidative processes, etc. Thus they can have an important influence on the stability and taste of beer. Aim of this study was to investigate influences of fermentable and non-fermentable carbohydrate addition into the brewing process prior fermentation to better understand their influence on the yeast metabolism, osmotic pressure, sweetness, palate fullness and SO2-formation during fermentation.

Descriptors: non-fermentable carbohydrates, sugar addition, palate fullness, oxidative stability, SO2, sulphur dioxide, isomaltulose

BrewingScience Monatsschrift fr Brauwissenschaft, 65 (November/December 2012), pp. 140-149