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Modern Dispense Systems and Coated Brass Equipment is this up to date? Results of an Investigation
J. Tippmann, K. Drsam and H. Dauth

For more than ten years different committees and boards have been discussing the very controversial usage of coated brass equipment in beer dispensing systems. For many years now, the use of those components has been forbidden or recommended not to be used in many countries [1, 2]. However, they are still being used in Germany today. The repeated efforts and recommendations of the ?Arbeitskreis Getr?nkeschankanlagen des Deutschen Brauer-Bundes? to use solely equipment made of stainless steel have not yet penetrated into the awareness of all responsible persons in breweries as well as at suppliers [3]. Due to the fact that no scientific data is available, scientific proof became a necessity. Several investigations were carried out to determine the amount of lead released from coated brass equipment which came into contact with beer. This was done to investigate whether the the usage of these components would affect the quality of draught beer or not.

Descriptors: Dispense equipment, coated brass, tap, nozzle, lead, delamination, surface condition

BrewingScience Monatsschrift fr Brauwissenschaft, 65 (November/December 2012), pp. 150-155