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Sensory Descriptive Analysis and Investigation of Consumer Acceptance of German Pilsner
A. Schmelzle, B. Lindemann and F.-J. Methner

To derive differences between German pilsner beers which have effects on acceptance, sensory description is linked to consumer acceptance. The sensory perception of pilsner beer is described by sensorily-trained consumers. For the pilsner type of beer, an appropriate number of representative and characteristic attributes are compiled for the precise description of sensory perceptions. By investigating acceptance by untrained consumers (n=142) in blind and open product tests, estimations of pilsner beers are measured. The results can highlight promising pilsner varieties and identify those which are sensorily unconvincing. In addition, split analyses are performed concerning consumers? objectives and sensory expectations.

Descriptors: pilsner, sensory evaluation, descriptive analysis, acceptance testing, bitter taste, hop aroma

BrewingScience Monatsschrift fr Brauwissenschaft, 64 (September/October 2011), pp. 95-106