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CO2-Hydrophobin Structures Acting as Nanobombs in Beer - Part 1: A critical review of hypotheses and mechanisms
S. M. Deckers, K. Gebruers, G. Baggerman, Y. Lorgouilloux, J. A. Delcour, C. Michiels,

Primary beer gushing is defined as the wild and uncontrolled overfoaming of packaged beer induced by contaminated raw materials as barley and malt. It is generally admitted that most probably amphipathic molecules such as hydrophobins and non-specific lipid transfer proteins (ns-LTPs) are responsible for this phenomenon. These molecules are synthesized by moulds and by vegetal tissues respectively in order to modify the polarity of surfaces and the solubility of molecules. At present, hydrophobins are extensively studied as they are considered as the major responsible molecules involved in

BrewingScience Monatsschrift fr Brauwissenschaft, 63 (March/April 2010), pp. 54-61