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Oxygen Permeability of Plastic Bottles for Oxygen Sensitive Beverages
Mller, K.

Oxygen is one factor which causes beverages to deteriorate after filling. In particular, the replacement of glass bottles by plastic bottles has implications for the shelf life. As a consequence, packaging manufacturers and food technologists must have precise knowledge about the composition of packaging materials, oxygen permeation and the interaction between oxygen, the packaging and the foodstuffs. This article discusses the theory of permeation and factors influencing permeation. Results of oxygen permeation through plastic bottles and closures are presented. The results show that the three main methods for barrier improvement are internal coating of PET bottles, the use of PEN bottles and the incorporation of oxygen scavengers into bottles and closures. Finally, numerical simulations indicate that although oxygen scavengers are useful for reducing the oxygen ingress, their potential for reducing dissolved oxygen and pre-existing oxygen in the headspace is limited.

Descriptors: permeability, oxygen ingress, PET bottle, beer, scavenger, imulation

BrewingScience - Monatsschrift fr Brauwissenschaft, 60 (May/June 2007), pp. 74-83