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Kinetics of haze formation in beer - turbidity and flavan-3-ols
Kusche, M., Geiger, E.

Kinetics of haze formation were studied by observing the development of turbidity, the correlation between built aggregates and flavan-3-ols and the reduction of these polyphenols during storage of different stabilised beers at different temperatures. Sample preparation was done by solid phase extraction followed by a HPLC-DAD.Kinetics of haze formation was influenced by the amount of flavan-3-ols in fresh beer as well as by the storage temperature of bottled beer. Although turbidity showed the same measured value, the reactive amount of flavan-3-ols differed when the beer was stored at different temperatures.

Descriptors: kinetics, haze formation, turbidity, flavan-3-ols, polyphenols

BrewingScience - Monatsschrift fr Brauwissenschaft, 60 (January/February 2007), pp. 38-47