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Engineering investigations of the recreating kinetics of flavour-components during the boiling of wort
Hertel, M., Tippmann, J., Sommer, K., Glas, K.

An important effect of boiling wort is the recreation of aromatic compounds. Unwanted flavour-components are not only expelled, they are also recreated during the boiling of wort and the whirlpool rest. There are different opinions on which flavour-components are significantly recreated during the boiling of wort. Because of this, the aim of the research was to see which aromatic compounds go through a significant recreation at wort boiling temperatures and, thus, possibly during the whirlpool rest, too. On account of this the creation rates of unwanted flavour-components are measured in a closed reactor with a reflux condenser in order to inhibit calcination and thus get reliable results. After samples are taken at defined time intervals, they are immediately cooled down and analysed by gas chromatography (GC). This way the increase of flavour-components is measured and rate constants are acquired. To get a wide spectrum of different wort flavour-components the measurements were done for 2-Methylbutanal (2MB), 3-Methylbutanal (3MB), Phenylethanal, Benzaldehyde, 2-Furfural,

Descriptors: Wort boiling, whirlpool, rate constants, flavour-components, flavour stability

BrewingScience - Monatsschrift fr Brauwissenschaft, 59 (January/February 2006), pp. 45-55