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Investigations about the relative Hartong Extract at 45 C
Keler, M., Kreisz, S., Zarnkow, M., Back, W.

The relative extract at 45 ?C (VZ 45 ?C) was introduced by Hartong in the 1930th. Today it is an important figure for the German barley variety trials. Investigations that were done to answer the question whether the VZ 45 ?C is a proteolytic, cytolytic or amylolytic figure disproved correlations that were published in the past. The VZ 45 ?C is the relation of soluble starch at 45 ?C to soluble starch in the congress wort. Therefore the VZ 45 ?C is an amylolytic figure. Furthermore a correlation between the VZ 45 ?C and the gelatinisation temperature of the malt was found.

Descriptors: Hartong-Kretschmer, VZ45, amylolysis, starch, gelatinisation

BrewingScience Monatsschrift fr Brauwissenschaft, 58 (July/August 2005), pp. 56-62