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(R)-Linalool as key flavour for hop aroma in beer and its behaviour during beer staling
Kaltner, D., Steinhaus, M., Mitter, W., Biendl, M., Schieberle, P.

Within the scope of this assignment it could be shown that the chirale distribution of Linalool in aroma hops starting with raw hops up to all conventional hop products stays almost stable at 94 % R-Linalool. In beer considerably lower amounts of R-Linalool are found. A racemisation during the brewing process is thought to be the cause. Hereby the degree of racemisation obviously depends considerably on the type of hopping.

Descriptors: Hop aroma, hop variety, hop products, linalool, enantiomeric distribution, racemisation, storage, taste compounds

Monatsschrift fr Brauwissenschaft 56, Nr. 11/12, S. 192-196, 2003