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Influence of pre-isomerised hop on taste and foam stability of beer
M. Cvengroschov, G. Sepelov, D. Smogrovicov

Addition of hop products into a wort boiling process supplies colloidal, biological, organoleptic and foam stability as well as hop affects bitterness, aroma, colour and gushing. Nowadays hop pellets, extracts and pre-isomerised hop products are used. Using of pre-isomerized hops makes manipulation easier because of lower dosing and increases utilisation. Price level of the hops comparing with HHT hops is lower by one half in average and bitterness analytical results are reached on the same level. During measurement of bitter substances by BU method there were no differences in values, but isohumulones measurement shows that felt bitterness is higher, it is BU x 1,2. There was no influence neither on foam stability nor gushing creation. The negative taste properties were found during organoleptic tests; mainly in beers with higher hop content, tart and higher hoppy and ester taste was determined as negative taste properties.

Descriptors: Hopfen, Schaumhaltbarkeit, organoleptische Eigenschaften

Monatsschrift fr Brauwissenschaft 56, Nr. 11/12, S. 206-209, 2003