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Determination of Hop Oil Content by Steam Distillation According to IOB Method 6.3
Biendl, M.

The EBC Analysis Committee has tested the IOB Method 6.3 "Hop Oil Content of Hops and Hop Products" by collaborative trial. In winter 2000/2001 this collaborative trial was conducted using three samples of hop pellets with different hop oil levels in the range 0.4 ? 2.3 ml/100 g. Five members of the EBC Analysis Committee and one member of AHA (Arbeitsgruppe Hopfenanalyse) took part in the collaborative trial. All participants used a distillation still manufactured by "Normschliff" (article number: 8503000) which is identical to the still as specified in the British Pharmacopoeia and recommended in the IOB Method 6.3.

Descriptors: Ringanalyse

Monatsschrift fr Brauwissenschaft 55, Nr. 11/12, 234, 2002