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Determination of antioxidants in brewing, Part 1 Chemical methods
Moll, M.

During the last ten years many new methods for the determination of antioxidant activity in the malting and brewing process have been described. Several new methods of analyses of wort and beer antioxidants were simply transfered from other food industries, e.g. oil, fat, meat, dairy or from the medical/pharmaceutical research. Brewing raw materials such as barley, malt, special malts, hop products, caramel, Farbebeer, wort and beer are complex in their composition, type and quantity of oxidisable substances. Several authors have published syntheses on this subject: Bamforth et al. 1993, Dadic 1984, Huige 1993, Kaneda et al. 1999, Liegeois and Collin 2000, Moll and Moll 1985, 1990, Pflugfelder 1992, Walters et al. 1996. There are no analytical methods for antioxidants in the malting and brewing industry proposed by ASBC, EBC, IOB, but MEBAK, 1993, vol. II, described two methods (2. 20. 1 and 2). This paper describes methods of analysis of antioxidants which have been applied in the malting and brewing industry. All references which are not directly linked to brewing are mentioned in the text. The methods of analyses described below are separated into chemical/biochemical methods and physical methods.

Descriptors: Antioxidative Aktivitt

Monatsschrift fr Brauwissenschaft 54, Nr. 1/2, 28, 2001