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Influential factors on the absorption integral in terms of taste stability
Klein, H., Glinsner, T., Natter, M., and Steiner, I.

The brewing industry is attempting to guarantee as uniform quality of beer as possible within the shelf life of the product. To assess the taste stability it is desirable to use fast methods that can be used in any brewery laboratory. The measurement of the absorption integral (AI) represents a fast, low cost method that required very little equipment to assess the taste stability of beers. In determining the AI, the ingredients of beer that show good absorptions in a beer distillate at a wavelength of between 240 and 310 nm are recorded. In this paper the background to AI measurement is described in further detail. 11 beer ingredients (six with an ageing relevance and five without an ageing relevance) were found, which are absorbent in the interesting UV range and therefore cause AI. The changes in the 11 substances and their influence on the AI were studied in greater detail. The results of various products from 14 breweries were then compared.

Descriptors: Beer, Flavour stability, staling, staling compounds

Monatsschrift fr Brauwissenschaft 53, No. 11/12, 217-222, 2000