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Gluten pellets to immobilise yeast for brewery fermentations
Smogrovicov, D., Dmny, Z., Slugen, D., Ptkov, J., and Bafrncov, P.

Beers produced in two-stage continuous immobilised systems were compared to classical control beer. Primary wort fermentation was conducted in a gas-lift reactor using calcium-alginate (residence time 12 h), secondary fermentation in two parallel packed-bed systems using calcium alginate (residence time 57 h) or gluten (residence time 61 h) for yeast immobilisation. Diacetyl, acetaldehyde, total higher alcohols and total esters concentrations were lower when using immobilised systems. Concentrations of total nitrogen, free amino nitrogen and polyphenols were lower in beer produced by gluten-immobilised yeast compared to alginate.

Descriptors: Hefe, Immobilisierung, kontinuierliche Grung, Gluten, Calciumalginat

Monatsschrift fr Brauwissenschaft 52, Nr. 7/8, 119, 1999