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Guide for authors (revised 01. 2014)

This gives procedures for preparing manuscripts for BrewingScience. In general, submissions have to be only in English.
(The complete procedures are available as a PDF file)

Meetings & Events

  • 32. Craft Brewers Conference,
    Brewers Association, Boulder/CO, USA
    Portland, Oregon, USA: April 14-17 2015

  • 35th EBC Congress,
    Call for Abstracts until 5. October 2014
    European Brewery Convention, Bruxelles/BE
    Porto, PT: May 24-28 2015

The scientific publisher of

  • European Brewery Convention (EBC), Brussels, Belgium
    European Brewery Convention (EBC)
  • Wissenschaftsfoerderung der Deutschen Brauwirtschaft, Berlin, Germany
    European Brewery Convention (EBC)


4th BrewingScience Hop Special
A search for the heart of hops
Hops is a hot topic, and not only for craft brewing hop heads. So BrewingScience, the scientific platform of our publishing house, decided to focus on this topic as well: The December issue, which will be published on December 19th, 2014 contains the 4th hop special with scientific contributions from all areas of hop research. Scientists specialising in this area are invited to submit their scientific papers by Monday, 1 September 2014 at the latest. Please send your papers to winkelmann@hanscarl.com. Further information on the procedures is available at the website www.brewingscience.de or by phone at +49(0)91195285-58.